Sunday, May 31

Our Earth Flag

The “authentic” Earth Flag was created in 1969 by John McConnell ( a symbol of all of us being connected to one another and all living things on the planet we share.

I have flown the Earth Flag in front of The Schiller Center for Connective Change for decades.  A photo of the flag flying in front of our office appeared a few years ago on the cover to the City of Alexandria’s annual report.  As you can see from this current photo, we are now in a location just across the street from a public magnet school.  I wonder how many of the students—and their teachers—have discussed what it might mean to pledge allegiance to the Earth.  I’m told we have the only Earth Flag in Alexandria and wonder why they didn’t catch on more widely.  I often see flags being flown that represent a past period in history, a loyalty to an alma mater, a fun celebration of the season, or even just cocktail hour.  I wish the original vision for the flag had spread, and wonder where we’d be today if it had.

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