Tuesday, July 29

What Do You Want To Know?

Hi Everyone!
This is Eronia. I am a recent graduate from Texas Christian University (GO FROGS! :)), and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sherry. Now I am working with her as an assistant and have been enjoying every moment of it!

Sherry asked me to communicate to her fellow bloggers a recent discovery I shared with her called ChaCha. ChaCha is a search agent that allows you to ask any question you would like and with the help of "ChaCha Guides", (who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) you will receive an answer in just moments. How do you do this, you ask?

Simple. There are 3 easy ways to contact ChaCha:

1. Simply text from your mobile phone - 242-242 (Which spells out ChaCha)
2. Call ChaCha - 1-800-224-2242
3. Or ask the question on their website - www.chacha.com

So now you can finally find out how many people there are in the United States with your same name or maybe just how late the McDonalds down the street stays open. Ask them anything!
Happy ChaCha-ing! :)

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 28

Learning from a 14 Year Old

Last week, I took a very intense course in Ft. Collins, Colorado from Marshall Thurber. One of the many valuable things I learned was the power of the "weak link," that person or resource who is on the periphery of your hub group but links you with other groups you might not otherwise connect with. The day after returning from the course, the power of the weak link was demonstrated to me by my 14 year old friend, Maddy Baker. I attended the send-off concert of the Washington Children's Chorus, with whom Maddy sings, before they left for a two week tour of Italy. After the concert, we were chatting and Maddy asked me if I knew who Kip Fullback is. He had recently stayed with her cousins while giving the graduation talk at the Washington International School (WIS). Before I had arrived home, Maddy had already sent me the following link so I could see and hear Kip for myself. I found these two minutes to be entertaining, educational, and inspirational. See and hear Kip for yourself through the link below,and thanks, Maddy! Hope you're enjoying Italy!