Thursday, May 28

Living in Gratitude

Before we turn in at night, my dog Elvis and I go through a ritual in which I remove his collars and bandanas and we recount everything we can remember from the day for which we are grateful.  During this exercise, he gets a massage.  Of course, there are always the big things for which we give thanks: good health, great friends, and meaningful work. On any ordinary day, there are so many additional things for which to give thanks once you start looking for them.  I am grateful to the motorists who stopped at the stop lights that signaled them to do so as I proceeded through the intersection.  I am thankful to the client who called and trusted me with a delicate situation for which she needed a sounding board.  I appreciate my neighbors, who keep their lawns and gardens tidy.  Every person who walked by me on the street and acknowledged me added to my day.  I find joy in our morning walk, where we always see the same heron sitting on a piling as he watches the sun rise, the coffee shop employees who know how I like my coffee prepared, and the special stop at the Hotel Monaco where Elvis gets a morning treat from the desk staff.

I find that counting my blessings for the day I’ve just experienced puts me into a peaceful and positive perspective, which helps me sleep better.  Sharing the experience with Elvis reconnects us, as he can feel the good energy as well as the physical contact through the massage.  What a great way to end each day!

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