Friday, November 21

Holiday Anticipation & Preparation

Are you looking forward to the holidays?
What other things are you looking forward to?  
Many years ago, I sat next to a priest on a flight.  We got chatting and I’ll never forget something he told me, “To be happy, people need something to look forward to, something meaningful to do, and someone to care about.”  It’s easy for many of us to become caught up with reacting to the high-speed challenges life and work throw at us, especially during the busy holiday season sprinkled with deadlines.  We can lose sight of these three essential elements to a rich and rewarding life.  
Many organizations are also reactive—their leaders fail to build commitment to shared goals, define and reward members’ contributions, and create a caring, results-driven culture. They never achieve their potential because they fail to follow the simple formula shared with me all those years ago.  The steps organizational leaders can take to achieve these three elements are at the core of our work with organizations that want to improve.

As I saw Alexandria’s Christmas trees being unloaded and set up in front of our city hall this morning, I was inspired to set some goals for the holiday season that build into my holidays the 3 elements the priest identified.  I will look for ways not to be swept up by the superficiality and consumerism being pushed upon us.  I will find meaningful ways to mark the holidays—and do so with people I love.  I will plan with loved ones special moments we can look forward to.

How about you?  What steps can you take to make sure your holidays are filled with meaningful activities, shared with people you care about while giving you things to genuinely look forward to?  By planning ahead now, you can ensure a happier holiday season for yourself and those you love.

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