Wednesday, November 5

"Anti-social" media

Are you on Facebook?  How often to do you tweet or post to Instagram?  Do you have your phone on the table while you eat dinner?  Do you keep it within reach while you watch a movie together with your spouse?  When did you last spend time in a waiting room without your phone or tablet?    

I have built my life's work on the concept that connectedness is everything.  Connecting with others creates an authentic experience that enables us to appreciate and understand others and vice versa.  Our connections lay the groundwork for the relationships that enrichen our lives so that we can continue to learn, grow, and share with each other. And these personal connections are essential because they ultimately provide the building blocks to healthy families, strong communities and productive organizations

Yet, while social media and technology provide ample opportunities for connecting with friends (and strangers) in an online context, I completely agree that there is a tipping point in their usefulness.  After watching the video I've posted below, I realized how important it is for all of us to acknowledge the tipping point and help each other stay away from it.  Think of the lost opportunities in unexpected places like waiting rooms when we stare into our phones instead of starting a conversation with a fellow patient who may offer us advice or a reassuring story.  Think of how your children may misinterpret your level of excitement and appreciation of them during a school play when they see your phone's video blink staring at them instead of your reassuring smiling face.  Isn't it amazing how 161 "happy birthday" posts on your Facebook wall don't hold a candle to one friend stopping by to share a glass of wine on your birthday?

So take a moment to consider this message, delivered below in a different voice from mine, but with the same idea that connectedness is everything.  When you get a chance, let me know whether you agree and send me any examples of when technology was used as more of an anti-social than social tool.

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Sherry at la Casa said...

Thank you for sharing your ponderings and this great rap video, Sherry. I can't wait to see you here in person and continue to celebrate friendships in real time and connect with humanity rather than text it.