Tuesday, September 2

Compact Impact

Those of you who have worked with me or read my book HUM know how I like to help organizations distill their timeless essence into as few words as possible.  I’ve had clients from years ago refer to my “contemporary cottage” example as having helped them repeatedly over the years boil down their vision or their dna into a phrase that rings true for them under all circumstances and over time.  For AMSN, it’s: Compassion. Commitment. Connection.  Dining for Women’s culture is Collaboration, Education, Inspiration, and Transformation.  For ANNA, it’s: Learning, leading, connecting, and playing at the intersection of Nephrology and Nursing.  Members of each of these organizations confirm that their every interaction with and through the organization communicates this identity.
This week, a friend pointed out that I do this with everything.  For instance, I try to capture in as few words as possible someone’s personal style.  A Flamboyant Natural can save time and money by sticking to that style which is her authentic personal expression.  No matter how good a bargain she gets on the purchase of a new sweater that screams Nautical Classic, she won’t feel comfortable wearing it and it will sit in her closet or be donned for occasions that are not so special.  
My friend went so far as to point out that I have applied the same desire for succinctness in my love of one-line scenes from movies.  Now, even if I live, breathe, and sleep connectivity, I didn’t see this as linked to my other passions to purify down to the core essence.  Many people can’t think of a single one-word scene from a movie, while others come up with, “Plastic!”  So, here’s a challenge.  I will give prizes to respondents who submit the best one-word movie scenes.  To get you started, do you know what movie contains an incredibly powerful scene in which the only word is “Sanctuary!”?

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