Wednesday, March 9

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

The long-anticipated arrival of spring weather has me challenging old assumptions and behaviors. As I open up windows to let the fresh air breeze through my home, I find myself compelled to move things around and clean places and objects I haven’t paid attention to in awhile.  I took great pleasure in taking my washing machine apart and cleaning the insides with a toothbrush! 

I sometimes hear organizational leaders say they don’t want “change for change’s sake,” or that they prefer to “let sleeping dogs lie.” Their comments cause me to reflect on my own behavior—does spring awaken in me an urge to make unneeded change and wake up peacefully sleeping dogs?  Yet, as far back as human behavior has been recorded, there are records of cleaning rituals in spring.  I feel energized by the promise of warmer weather to shake out the cobwebs and try new things, as well as rearrange old ones.  There is something cleansing about the ritual of getting rid of clutter and tackling projects that I have gotten comfortable neglecting during the busy winter months.

Whether it’s in your own life or in your organization, why not use the promises of spring to play with variations on the patterns in your life?  While you are at it, sweep out those dark corners where dirt and stale energy have been collecting. Take advantage of the spirit of the season, awaken and energize your sleeping dogs, and get ready for all the new challenges and opportunities awaiting you the rest of the year.  A fresh perspective will revitalize your focus and enable you to proceed toward your goals with greater harmony.   

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