Tuesday, September 22

Turning Point

Last year, when I purchased my sailboat, Turning Point, I was stunned that her name was so appropriate for that moment in my life.  Learning to be the skipper of my own boat has brought many great people and experiences and adventures into my life.  Undertaking such a multi-dimensional challenge has made me grow in so many ways, many of them unexpected.  It has shown me how I can rely on my natural strengths while building knowledge and skills in new areas.  It has forced me to ask for help and depend on others.  It has been very humbling and, surprisingly, life-affirming.
This weekend, I faced strong gusts of wind just beyond my comfort level—which is where learning takes place.  Elvis, my dog, was not as enthusiastic, as you can see from his photo.  Every person, team, and organization needs to continually find and achieve bold new goals that build on their strengths and push them in new ways. 

Take the first step, no matter how frightening it might seem.  You will overcome barriers, expand your perspective, and build resilience.  When was the last time you did that?  What is that daring goal you’d love to achieve?  How could you move toward accomplishing it?  The reward will justify the risk and you might just find, like I did, a turning point.

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