Tuesday, February 17

"Wasn't 100 percent sober"

Photo credit: http://i.imgur.com/QJmfMu7.jpg
If you saw the headlines this past week, like me you probably had a good chuckle at Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's admission that the reason she took a little nap during President Obama's State of the Union address was because she "wasn't 100% sober."  She later clarified that she had been up all night writing and it actually was just one glass of wine at dinner that provoked her untimely slumber. 

I would like to applaud Justice Ginsburg for owning and explaining her mistake, exactly what we discussed last week. She could have denied her nap or ignored the accusation, but as a prominent leader who has accepted her role in the spotlight, she took the opportunity to admit her mistake in a humorously relatable way.  So, if a Supreme Court Justice can admit she fell asleep during a live broadcast of a Presidential address, how bad can your mistake really be?  And, if you are the leader of your organization, think of the example you set for your group when you own up to your own mistakes. 

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