Saturday, August 2

Lessons from Nature- Part 2

“If we look to the natural world we can discern patterns and principles that help us understand and influence organizations so that we can connect people in positive change.” (Hum, 59).

At first glance, it may not be obvious to associate change and management within an organization as having any connection with nature.  Yet, if we take a closer look at the natural world and its biological systems, there are many lessons to be learned about how human organizations can adapt to and manage change.

Throughout the course of my career working with many different organizations, the most profound lesson I have incorporated in my work is the importance of connectivity.  In both our personal and professional lives, we seek to create connections and relationships.  Animals in their natural environment also pursue this, choosing to live in packs and work together to accomplish a common goal. This interdependence is a key to organizational success in both nature and in the office. Like populations of geese or a pride of lions, organizations where team members understand that they need to rely and lean on each other are far more successful than those that maintain complete independence.

So, the next time you go on a hike or hit the beach on vacation, make sure to take a look around you and try to identify how some of the connections observed in nature organically occur in the most purposeful and efficient parts of your own organization. 

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