Friday, August 15

If You Talked Like TED, What Would You Say?

If you were invited to give an 18 minute TED Talk, what story would you tell that would be the most unique, authentic message that only you could give?  What are you passionate about that is integral to who you are, how you understand the world, and how you live your life?  TRY IT.  Everyone should have their TED Talk ready should they have the opportunity—not just on stage at a TED Conference, but when connecting with new clients or friends, selecting priorities in one’s life, and aligning one’s words and actions with one’s story about oneself.  

Talk Like Ted, by Carmine Gallo, shares the 9 traits of all great presentations—and goes much further in challenging readers to think about the story they tell themselves and others.  If you don’t like what you learn, for instance, if you’re not really passionate about your work, then Gallo challenges you to think about what changes you are willing to make to live a life that inspires and informs others.  This process is not only an interesting personal exercise, but sharing your refined TED Talk with others can help you connect in ways you never may have imagined.

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