Thursday, July 17

Lessons from Nature- Part 1 of 2

With mentions of the "Polar Vortex" making the rounds again on the news cycles this week, it is a good time to think about confirming your summer vacation plans.  After all, according to several sources (1, 2), vacation is good for you.  Not only can vacation provide the means to a great new adventure and help you reconnect with family and friends, but it can provide an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and the environment. 

Getting away from our routine surroundings and reconnecting with nature can be one of the best ways to "recharge our batteries" because it helps us gain context and perspective for our regular activities, including those demands that cause us the most stress.  It can remind us how insignificant most of our troubles really are.  It can remind us of the value and importance of diversity.  It can remind us how to relax and embrace organic change instead of trying to constantly control our environment and circumstances.  And, finally, it can remind us to have fun and to see the humor in the flaws that are inevitably part of our surroundings so that we can see the perfection in all the imperfection.
So, whether your vacation takes you to the mountains, the trails, the lakes or the beach, be sure to connect with nature and fully appreciate all the lessons that the environment has to offer you...and be sure to bring those lessons back home.

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