Thursday, June 19

Keeping Transitions in Perspective

What has your experience been with staff and executive transitions in your organization?  At a recent client event, the Chorus America Conference, I shared a session with Barbara Tagg, former music director of the Syracuse Children's Choir, and Gayle Ober, the former Executive Director of the Dale Warland Singers.  During our session, we had a lively conversation with participants about the process of transitioning from one music director to the next.  Attendees' experiences supported the principles for executive transitioning we shared with them--especially to expect the unexpected, not to make untested assumptions, and to anticipate the process taking longer than initially conceived. Managing expectations can be the key to ensuring that  transitions don't distract from an organization's main purpose.  In fact, many of my clients have found that having the tools to manage the transition was as important as the transition itself.

Thanks to my co-presenters and all who attended our session for a robust discussion from which all of us left a bit wiser. 

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