Wednesday, May 28


Recently, I’ve been noticing some beautiful flowers growing in the fields where I walk my dog. They are weeds, and if they were growing in my flower beds, I would yank them out. Yet, in their natural environment, they are lovely.

This got me thinking about how weeds aren't intrinsically bad, they are just misplaced or unwanted where they happen to grow. Many of us have found ourselves in similar situations.  We may not have fit in at a particular organization or within a certain group.  Perhaps we just didn't feel appreciated.  Yet, in another environment, we have flourished.

Organizations hum when every member is contributing their best and feeling appreciated for their contribution.  Finding the right fit in our personal and work relationships is essential in order for each of us to contribute our best talents to the group. If you have a weed on your team, or if you feel like one yourself, consider how you might better connect with your team and contribute to their goals. If you simply can’t connect, then it may be time to relocate. In a new environment, you may thrive in ways you couldn’t have imagined. 

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