Wednesday, January 8

Developing Potential in 2014 and Beyond

It's a new year and, if you are like most Americans, you have put some thought recently into how you are going to improve yourself, develop better habits, rethink older habits, and resolve to make this a better and more productive year.  As you go about your self-evaluations, I am going through the same interesting process with many of my clients.  I have found that implementing the Schiller Center's Connective Strategic Leadership model in organizational clients helps my clients support the goals that they have set for the new year as well as prepare them to make adjustments to the inevitable challenges they will face along the way.  In other words, I am trying to help my clients develop their potential.

This is why I became intrigued with the work of Dr. James Heckman, who has also devoted his life's work to understanding how others develop their potential.  Dr. Heckman is an expert in the economics of human development, focusing primarily on the importance of equal early childhood development.  His work is fascinating and important for everyone, especially those with children, to read and understand.  The implications are not only profound for local communities, but for the nation as a whole.

As you plan for the year ahead, think about how you are going to develop your potential in 2014 and, perhaps more challenging, how you are going to help others develop their potential.      

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