Wednesday, November 27

A Day of Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday—it’s about living in gratitude for what you’ve been given.  It’s not religious, war-related, or commercial.  It can be celebrated without spending a cent, going anywhere special, or even dressing up.  Once you start counting your blessings, you realize how many every day miracles you take for granted—the crisp blue autumn air, greetings from strangers on the street, being able to walk, having access to nutritious food and a safe place to sleep, to name a few.  Beyond that, there are the many people who have contributed to you being who you are—from you past and in your present—people who help you better understand yourself and the world, people who challenge you to think in new or different ways, and people from whom you learn.  I am so fortunate to have a life filled with loving friends and caring clients. Every interaction with another person is an exchange of gifts—and, whether or not you recognize it at the time, you have been given a gift from that exchange that has the potential to help you.  Take a moment to soak in all the textures, flavors, personalities, and opportunities that give you depth, strength, humor, and wisdom.  Welcome more of the same into your life by making every day a day of thanks-giving.

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