Wednesday, October 23

Who Rescued Who?

While walking my dog, Elvis, a few days ago, I saw this bumper sticker that resonated with me on multiple levels.  All of my pets over the years have been rescued from local shelters, and in every case I felt that they indeed rescued me from a more self-centered life to one where their needs required my attention regardless of what was on my agenda.  The companionship they’ve provided (along with other unexpected benefits like protection from intruders) is immeasurable.

On another level, the same can be said for friends and colleagues.  Many times they don’t realize that what I get from them is immeasurable.  Sometimes it’s harder to accept help or appreciation than to give it. Those who “rescue” others—especially for a living—need to balance their lives by recognizing and embracing all they receive from others.  I truly feel that my friends and colleagues have rescued me from so many things.  I don’t remember feeling lonely, bored, or unloved. Their constant connection buoys my spirits, even when I’m in a tough patch, which everyone naturally experiences as part of the cycle of life.

Find ways to connect with others.  Take time to say, “thanks.” Smile at people you pass.  Listen to what’s worrying a friend, even if it’s not your worry.  Walk down to the cubicle of that colleague who just emailed you and connect with her face-to-face to increase the likelihood of a positive result.  Find ways to appreciate the many gifts you are given every day.  A practice I have found helps me put my life in perspective and shift gears at night is to relax before bedtime and mentally count all the things I can remember from the day for which I am grateful.  Try it and let me know what happens.  We should all be there to “rescue” one another.

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