Wednesday, October 2

Creating Something Meaningful With What You Have

I have always admired individuals and organizational leaders who can create something magical with whatever they’ve got.  I’ve seen this talent used to create delicious, memorable meals.  I’ve seen it applied to the creation of a breath-taking garden that reveals new dimensions throughout the seasons. And I’ve seen organizations that resist making excuses about what they don’t have, instead using the people and resources they do have to achieve good in the world.
Today, I am especially moved by the accomplishments of Brooke Curran, who in 2009 created a nonprofit, RunningBrooke, to raise money for the children of Alexandria by running marathons.  In brief, her goal for Phase One was to run the major marathons in the world along with one in every state and one on every continent.  She will achieve this goal this month, having raised an amazing amount of money to champion healthy kids to develop the skills and habits they need for success in school and life.
The celebration of her completion of Phase One will be at Brooke's house October 25, 7-9pm with food from around the world, wine, beer, music, and lots of fun!  For more information or to buy tickets online, visit  Be prepared to be completely inspired and motivated to get more out of yourself when you witness how Brooke has pushed herself to accomplish this personal challenge in order to deliver on her goals.  And what happens after Phase One?  Visit her website to learn about what she plans to do in Phase Two!
Brooke epitomizes for me someone who takes what she’s got and applies it in the service of others.  I have never heard her complain.  She is always energetic and focused on the next marathon that will get her closer to her goals.  She has a strong board behind her that helps her make sure the funds she raises are given to worthy projects to advance RunningBrooke’s mission.  Keep on runnin’, Brooke.  You’re truly an inspiration!

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