Tuesday, August 27

I Have a Dream...and Now is the Time!

As we observed the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings’ “I Have a Dream” speech yesterday, many of us Baby Boomers listened to his well-known words again and were as deeply moved as we were the first time we heard them. Here is an audio copy of his speech: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkihaveadream.htm
One of the phrases King used multiple times in this speech that is not quoted as often as, “I have a dream,” is “Now is the time…”  This is a phrase that every individual, team, and organization must continually be considering.  What important actions are you delaying that you know in your heart and soul should be addressed right now—regardless of how difficult they might be?  We can have a tendency to procrastinate, and then rationalize our procrastination.  But as Dr. King so emphatically encouraged, we must feel compelled to act now when an issue needs attention.  Almost like a mantra, we could start each day with, “Now is the time.”  Now’s the time to tell those you love how much they mean to you.  Now’s the time to start taking better care of yourself.  Now’s the time to apologize for a wrong you’ve done, or forgive a wrong done to you.  Now’s the time to provide the leadership you know is needed, regardless of how uncomfortable it feels or what repercussions you may fear.
Early one misty Martin Luther King Day, I was driving on the only road through a very conservative rural town.  I could barely believe my eyes when I saw a large banner displayed across the front of a pub bearing the hand-written words, “Dr. King, We Share Your Dream.”  To share King’s dream means to act now, as the owners of that pub so courageously did.  What have you been putting off that you know needs to be addressed now?  Find the strength to do it, and fulfill your own dreams.

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