Monday, July 12

Only One Question

I was asked by an interviewer what single question I would ask to diagnose whether an organization needed help. I was stumped. Great question, no ready answer. I asked her if I could get back to her. Then it took me weeks of reflection to decide. The one question that would tell me more about the health of an organization than any other is how its employees--not its CEO--would answer, "How much fun are you having?" Fun is the result of people working together with shared purpose and in harmony. They may work hard, they may not be compensated as generously as they deserve, and they may not have all of the resources they'd like. But when people work with shared purpose and in harmony, the result is that deep level of personal satisfaction, knowing tht you've made a positive difference--and that is fun. Think about when you have experienced it. So, how much fun are the folks in your organization having?

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