Tuesday, February 26

The Secret of Time

We increasingly feel that we have less and less time to do everything we want and need to do. Even when we multi-task (especially then), we feel as if we just can't keep up. Multi-tasking actually sets us back rather than helps us accomplish more, as we are not truly focused on any of the things we are doing, which costs us more time and energy in the future than if we had addressed each issue in sequence.

The secret that we all know but forget about time is that it is the only renewable resource that is distributed equally to every one of us daily. Every day, each of us is given 24 fresh hours to use as we choose. If we don't use those 24 hours wisely, we have a brand new opportunity the very next day to use its 24 hours more intentionally!

Those who use their time wisely are motivated by Long Term Goals (LTGs) rather than reacting to Short Term Demands (STDs). If our LTGs are not sufficiently clear and compelling to us, then we fill our days responding to an infinite number of STDs.

If you are not using your time as well as you'd like, ask yourself what your 3 most important goals are, and what you can do every day to move toward achieving them. If today was not spent as you'd like it to have been, assess what triggers caused you to lose sight of your LTGs, and set up mechanisms to improve tomorrow--when you are given the gift of another 24 hours.

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