Thursday, February 7

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team

We want to welcome to our Schiller Center team our new Director of Social Services, Elvis. Elvis joined us in late November from the Alexandria Animal Shelter, where he successfully worked at entertaining the staff and volunteers as a newly surrendered stray. Elvis was named by Center friend 14 year old Maddy Meier Baker. When asked how she came up with his name, Maddy said, "When I saw that dog, I knew he was upbeat, very popular, and unforgettable. What else could you name a dog that was just 'all shook up'?"

Elvis has been enthusiastically demonstrating his talents in the Social Services field (and potential as a specialist in document destruction) in many ingenious ways, including:
* noisily disemboweling squeaky toys in the office--especially during conference calls
* replacing our office shredder, riffling through wastebaskets, and even consuming an ipod
* creating an obstacle course consisting of bones, kongs, and other doggie goodies
* shedding on special guests wearing dark clothing
* gratefully offering a belly for rubbing

We had hopes that Elvis would one day be able to fill the very large paw prints left by the late Buddy, who, over his many years with the Center, earned the positions of both Vice President of Security and Director of Personnel. So far, Elvis seems to lack Buddy's ability to judge character, since he seems to have unbridled love for absolutely everyone he meets.

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rudesco said...

I have met Senor Elvis. He has really connected well with my male energy. He seems to need, every now and then a bit of male rough play bonding because when he sees me he doesn't back down, and goes all out for the back slappin and snout grabbin that I so need to do so that he can get his excitement for the day. Thanks for his addition!!